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Pre-Order now your SeedPeer Tshirt or Hoodie!

Posted by Markus | 9 years ago on Friday 10 October 2008 11:24:15 to be more exact
Dear friends,

Today, we have a great news to announce! We partnered with ByteLove to produce and sell the official SeedPeer Tshirt!

Take a look here, isn't it cool?!

Pre-order it NOW at 24 euros only (you save 1 euro): I want my SeedPeer Tshirt now!!!

So, if you want to show that you are part of the Bittorrent community, provide your support to SeedPeer and let more people know about us, proudly wear our tshirt (or hoodie) in the streets!


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kris 9 years ago

i love your site its cool

daffyduck 9 years ago

What I don't understand is why do you put your stuff on Mininova if you won't allow anyone to download it?

ankit 9 years ago

good Site I like This Site

muhahaha 9 years ago

It's more than one year and still this site doesn't update his layout or blog.

premiumgamer 6 years ago

yay a shirt yay