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MediaDefender Damage Control: Cease and Desist!

Posted by Markus | 10 years ago on Tuesday 18 September 2007 04:08:39 to be more exact
After the big leak of last week, today mediadefender is desperately trying to establish some level of damage control. This morning we received an email from their lawyers stating that the domain registrar should hand over our personal information. So here is an open letter to MediaDefender.

Dearest little asstunnels,

Let me start of by thanking you for your pitiful attempt to have your emails removed from the entire internet (the thing that says www.). In no way we feel obligated to fulfill your request, as a matter of fact any organization that tries to harm this site and the bittorrent user in general can expect nothing more from us but a big fuck you!

In case you haven't noticed, this site is located in Europe (I hope you can point it out on a map) where your stupid copyright claims have no base. But fair is fair you guys did suffer over the past week so here's bit of advice to you guys:
  • Fuck you!
  • Fuck you again!
  • Fuck you again and again and again!
  • Fuck you again and again and again && again!

There is no way you can stop this, your emails have been published on more then a centillion websites.And if there is anyone who is going to start a lawsuit it will be us suing you for attempts to sabotage the integrity of this site and many others.

We just launched MiiVi
Have a very nice day,


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MediaDefender=OWNED 10 years ago

Alpe 10 years ago

Fuck them dont give in and never budge to these assholes

TiAMO 10 years ago

Hehe, its exactly the same as i got, but with the info from TPBs whois, they cant afford more then auto-generated legalthreats ? =)

JRWR 10 years ago

You can find all the emails and more at

31415 10 years ago

Where can I download the 700 mb torrent of the e-mails?

Reggae 10 years ago

I love the interweb.

april sims 10 years ago

can i play the game now

kev 10 years ago

the cheeky fukcin cnuts... you have to laugh at that.

good work Markus

GimmieMOAR 10 years ago

Anonymous 10 years ago

Once its in our hands, there is no going back.

Stttv 10 years ago

The irony is their name: MediaDefender.

Also noted: what a bucnh of ass holes... Dont put it in writting if you dont want it to bite you in the ass.

Kronic 10 years ago

Viva la Resistance!

Thankful 10 years ago

AMEN brother...

best letter ever 10 years ago

best letter ever - what a cluster fucked bunch of pompus idiots

Darren 10 years ago

Its hilarious how you people convince yourselves that youre doing good when really youre just low-life punks who think stealing is okay. Also hilarious that you think copyright law doesnt extend to Europe. Im guessing youre, what, 16 years old? What youve done is illegal and soon they will find you -- and Im glad for it.

just another patriot 10 years ago

Go back to your federal agency and continue to sit with your thumb up your ass! It is people like you that either takes away freedom from people who just want to live and enjoy live, or your one of those COWARDS that rolls over and plays nice when the government says so.. Go fuck yourself!! While you are playing masters pet, the rest of us will continue to fight for the rights and freedoms that everyone deserves!

SweetRevenge 10 years ago

Heres an idea.. Lets piss mr. randy saaf off a little more and setup myspace / facebook accounts humiliating him, bombarding friend requests, and linking the public to the truth..

if they dont want to share the news, lets share it ourselves..

ST Dave 10 years ago

nice letter a little crude but good :O)

just like to say to any one from mediadefender(friends of) reading this,just give up we know your making cash from all the "defending" but just let people download what they like, the simple fact is if people download what they want and like what they have downloaded they will go out and buy it lets say "try before you buy" ive bought stuff i never knew existed till i discovered it on the web

Mary Sanderson 10 years ago

The owner of edited certain files to protect MD. Take a look at

If you want the unedited files get them from

Demaestro 10 years ago

The best is how they quote USA and California law and are contacting a company outside of that jurisdiction.

So dumb.... at least the lawyers werent ethical enough to tell them that there is nothing they can do instead they probably charged them an arm and a leg to write and send that letter.

Was an expensive way to encourage someone to tell you to fuck right off.

love it

APirateandlovingit 10 years ago

Hey Darren why dont you go fuck yourself.

Big Brother 10 years ago

How can Universal pay MediaDefender money for protecting their music, when they cant protect their own email and phone conversations. What a bunch of loosers...

Demonoid 10 years ago

Darren...go fuck yourself.

Shaze 10 years ago

I hereby pledge my unlimited support and resources in helping you to promote the exploitation of any/all organizations who put gains before people.

dler 10 years ago

Hey Darren, eat a dick

Anonymous Koward 10 years ago

First off...

Darren, DIAF.

I honestly am not suprised that this is happening. I feel this is payback for the complete screwing of the copyright system in the United States.

The term limits on music in this country have become pretty much perpetual. I dont see how a limit of the life of the author plus 70 years exactly benefits society or promotes the arts and sciences.

Whatever. Fuck em. Rot in hell RIAA and company.

phantom 10 years ago

Darren whats your problem you mofo got no better things to do than to disturb us.

LordSqueak 10 years ago

Copyright is one thing , but the law they try to invoke here is about Fraud and Illegal Access.

Seing how this site is Not responsible for hacking the Email account, and seeing how they have not Manufactured Fake Emails. I fail to see how those laws would possibly apply.

Logan 10 years ago

Darren, Suck My Big Fat Cheesey Cock. Copyright my hairy arse,I didnt see any copyright or privacy notices on the individual internal MD emails so theres one you can suck.

Secondly, with the weakness of the dollar, Media Defender could in no way afford to mount a court case in the UK Justice System.

Rock on.

Dr Toniax 10 years ago

Big up from France to ya guys ! ^^

Et quils aillent se faire foutre, ces cons !

lol Internet 10 years ago


n/t 10 years ago

totl pwnage

fluo 10 years ago

Hilarious, both letters, I love your prose Markus :D

DMX 10 years ago

MediaDefender, SUCK MY DICK!

miga 10 years ago

God damn that email is fucking BRILLIANT!!




fuckyou 10 years ago

yeah fuck them right in their tight asshole man. keep humping the shit outta them for like 24 hours and make em bleed to death rofl

good for defending these rights but theres more 10 years ago

mediadefender was also talking to the attorney general to put a control on child pornography as well. so although we(americans) get angry for them trying to stop us from breaking the law (ironic) a part of their cause is with quite good intent.

just a thought.

Cron 10 years ago

Maybe so but what does a anti-piracy company have to do with child abuse, there are federal agents for that.

memals 10 years ago

sorry MD, the data is in the public intrest so you can not have it back.

bite me 10 years ago

Dearest MediaDefender,
it is with great sadness and much gnashing of teeth that i write this to say...
ah, cant do it. after reading a goodly portion of those emails, the executives of that company get whatever is coming to them.
point the first) secure youre bloody network.
point the second) secure your bloody employees (i do regret seeing the vast amount of personal details floating around in those mails however. hopefully restraint is engaged when considering any actions utilizing those details. not an endorsement of action =P )
point the third) fraud doesnt pay for legal companies either does it?


Jean Gary Diablo 10 years ago

alas, you guys make me wish I lived in the safety of Europe. Good work.

Kyle 10 years ago

AssTunnel is Sweeping the Nation as the new buzzword. Way to go guys! They can never take your asstunnel from you ... ever! Freaking Brilliant!

Priest 10 years ago

Markus, Australian Pirates are behind you too! Fuck em in their whiney asses. How stupid do they think we are? They deserve to have their asses handed to them.

A short declaration to MD: You are a pack of C*@t-scrping, ass-licking, cock-gobbling monkey-fucking asstunnels (respect, Markus), who deserve everything you get. Eat shit and die. I hate you and all of your unborn children. I hope you get hit by a bus full of angry skinheads on their way to a klan meeting who rape your corpse, and use your amputated wang to pleasure their grandfathers. I will personally get behing any initiative to physically and financially bitch-slap you c@#ts. Eat a dick.

Priest 10 years ago

One more before I go:

Q7. If a company that is based entirely upon the premise that once anything hits the internet, legislation and legal action are pretty much useless sends out a letter legally requesting their enemies to cease and desist from disseminating that information, does that make them:

C)Jizz-bombing, turd-chomping, pin-dicked donkey felchers?
D)All of the above?

Piss Off Wankers. 10 years ago

I think theyve employed Miss Carolina at MediaDefender.

a happy pirate 10 years ago

Dear Meganova,

You are my hero.

A Happy Pirate

Jerome 10 years ago

Please ! Please ! Send this 700 Mb file back to them. It was theirs in the first place, after all.


anon /b/ 10 years ago

I downloaded the torrent and will seed it for a month. Screw you MediaDefender!

Prophet 10 years ago

I believe that MediaDefender should be renamed to MafiaDefender because that is what they do by protecting their fat greasy (and perhaps Italian?) friends from entertainment lobby.

El pirata cabron 10 years ago

Media defender. Que vayan y chingen a su madre.

Esa basura que la RIAA llama peliculas valen madre... ni regaladas. Otra intento mas de los grupos etnicos que nos controlan y tratan de corromper a nuestra juventud.

BUEN TRABAJO en desenmascararlos.

fa 10 years ago

sorry.. im italian and none of the companies involved were italians. plus, im really sick about perpetuating the binomious italian=mafia. maybe united states infringed our copyrights on Mafia(C), but one thing: theyve, without any doubt, improved our system!
btw, mediadefender suck my fat italian dick

BigMafiaFamily 10 years ago

Prophet.... calm down bro... o ti metto i piedi in un blocco di cemento.

Yes 10 years ago

Ask the pope to hand out condoms, that might give you a bigger chance, than this file being removed from the web.