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Seedpeer is free! If you payed for it then you've been scammed!

Posted by Markus | 9 years ago on Wednesday 28 May 2008 04:59:08 to be more exact
An increasing amount of emails lately from people who want a refund. Apparently they've used some shady website to sign up and after they payed money for this so called service they got redirected to Seedpeer. We want everybody to know that Seedpeer is 100% free of charge and that we have never nor will we ever charge our users. If you payed money then you are the victim of a scam operation. There's not much we can do other then identifying these sites and request they stop doing what they are doing. However you still might get your money back, here's a few tips:

  • Contact the website you signed up on and ask your money back
  • Contact your credit card company, they might get your money back
  • Notify your local authorities
  • Send emails to the ISP of the scam site
A few of these scam sites have been reported by some people, so whatever you do stay away from these sites:


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BONKERNUT 9 years ago


foxse 9 years ago

thnx r everything guys

thefuddy 9 years ago

it is not so much a comment as a request for help? you see everytime i try to download somthing off Seedpeer it get's redirected to internet explorer,

Sqidge 9 years ago

Dear thefuddy,

Buy a Mac, then . . .

Go to iCab or Safari, to their Preferences, and set your default browser to what you want.

And it won't be IE, because it has thankfully long ago departed the Mac scene.

Cheers :)

new 9 years ago

macs suck windows rule the world.

Macs suck penis 9 years ago

ok me buy a mac then burn it.
thats all they r worth doing with they suck so bad a bum would not take it

theeman_2009 9 years ago

i agree macs suck.but you guys r nuts

theeman_2009 9 years ago

if you hate macs post your words for the next few years.

theeman_2009 9 years ago

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theeman_2009 9 years ago

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theeman_2009 9 years ago

macs suck 4 ever

theeman_2009 9 years ago

yeah its true and a known FACT macs suck!

macs 9 years ago

when macs wont suck the world will end! 8 years ago

me hate jokes.

Sqidge 8 years ago

i moved to the usa its cool and i got a pc its cool too.i know macs do suck,they r trash.end of story.

Sqidge 8 years ago

stop all this postin dumb jokes and other stuff

uzma 8 years ago

hi how do i download off this site...ive regsitered but i dont know how to download
can someone tel me plz

me naked 8 years ago

ur reading this naked without cloths lol

theeman2009 6 years ago

i buy seedpeer again and now i know i been scammed y o y plz help

SickBoy 5 years ago

I'm Gay and i Love it.

A Fact 4 years ago Sucks.Wow server

Sqidge 4 years ago

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Unknown User 4 years ago

I payed 100.00 for please help me please!!!!