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BayTSP and Megapath conspiracy, they should hang!

Posted by Markus | 9 years ago on Wednesday 04 June 2008 15:12:55 to be more exact
Over the past few days we have noticed an increase of traffic, closer inspection revealed that a whole range of ip's was downloading random pages from the site. After running a couple of tests and monitoring for a few days we've noticed that the involved ip's all belong to BayTSP, an infamous anti piracy group that seems to be attacking us in a DDOS kind of way. At a peak their servers (over 5000 of them) request numerous pages in an attempt to deny access to legit users. While this is no problem for us as we have a hardware firewall with DOS detection, other and more smaller sites could go down because of this.

When we contacted Megapath, the ISP of BayTSP and explained the situation the asshole operator (his name was Mike) told me to fuck off because the ip's I've sent didn't belong to them. While running a whois query on the ip's it's pretty clear to whom those addresses belong. Apparently BayTSP has running so many servers that are being hosted by Megapath that they simply don't give a shit about our formal complaint. In fact this is the second time that I had to call them, last time was in January when I got the same response. So what is it that we can do about this legally? Well, we are considering legal action against both companies for sabotage and damages that were caused in terms of bandwidth costs. We have already blocked all ip's that we could trace to them and I'm sure that more will be added to the firewall soon.

If we take legal action there is a good chance that they will suffer a great blow as we have proof of the attacks in the form of log files with over 5000 ip's that belong to BayTSP and Megapath. In the next few days we will discuss our options with our legal team and take it further from there.

Stay tuned for more updates in the days ahead.

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Jason 9 years ago

Wow those bastards should be punished for all the trouble they have caused, you should definitely sue their ass off.

BONKERNUT 9 years ago


Klaas 9 years ago

Fuck them all up, I say sue their ass off!

Alter_Fritz 9 years ago

so can you show some examples from those logs please.

Those criminaly acting anti p2p guys like Media Defender, Media Sentry, BayTSP and how ever they are named must be exposed as publicly as possible.

While me does not condone any violaton of valid laws by "pirates" I do neither think it should be OK for those guys and the ContentIndustry that pays them to violate laws either!
two wrongs does not make one right!
And specially not the wrongdoings of the contentindustry!

Torrent Hunter 9 years ago

I think legal action would be the appropriate approach to this. You could make a quick buck off these assholes as well.

And get back in touch with that Mike guy, sue him for being an asshole operator who clearly has no intention of doing his 9-5 job properly.

delboy53 9 years ago

Don't get mad get even

fatmanpete 9 years ago

i have had several emails from my isp with an
attached email from these BayTSP guys quoting exactly what and when i have d/loaded. I suppose my isp has to act on these, but i just ignore them.

AmishRobots 9 years ago

the war rages on. Our enemies fight against the change that the future brings. TAKE THEM TO COURT. This is an important battle in the war that will forever change our society.

Russian Bob 9 years ago

I like BonkerNut's solution. Let's bust some heads!

wythen 9 years ago

fatmanpete 2 months ago
i have had several emails from my isp with an
attached email from these BayTSP guys quoting exactly what and when i have d/loaded. I suppose my isp has to act on these, but i just ignore them.

I don't know about you, but does this kind of monitoring smack as legal? It doesn't to me... Kind of concerning, don't you think?

theeman_2009 9 years ago

dont get mad get naked .then mooned

847639 8 years ago

The only way to shut BayTSP down is for virus writer to make a virus that acts as a torrent / lirewire client on random computers up loading pieces of files protected by BayTsp. Once they accuse a few unsuspecting lawyers and bankers on piracy they will get sued to death. Plus they would never now which downloads were people and which ones virus

phoenix 8 years ago

if u can do it, do it.

ike 8 years ago

another sad story .. (swedes always thinks of t(he)p(irate)b(ay)).
im ashamed of my all2long t(orrent)f(reek)-ignorance but suppose the trolls've seized their attacks?
any "news"/follow-up:s - web-rsrc:s/stories/articles - ie links?


ike 8 years ago

your comment-sys/io cut of my post at an ampersand after my post's "peace"
and i had a ps/comment following that:

peace and god speed, tho youre pushing the ad:s/commercials a bit 2 hard for my taste