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Welcome to the new Seedpeer, say hello to my little friend!

Posted by Markus | 9 years ago on Sunday 15 June 2008 13:29:40 to be more exact
Do you remember that episode of South Park where Randy Marsh has to apologize to Jessy Jackson because he's the emperor of all black people? That's kinda how this is, we decided to step it up and let others kiss our butt's for a change. So from now on we are going to be very hard on anybody that steps in our way. It's time that Seedpeer got the credit it deserves! Over the past years we have been working very hard to offer our users the best service possible. Where other sites were passive, we've took action.

However our hard work didn't pay off the way we wanted and since the day we've started as to our traffic has remained around the same level. We have been the victim of DOS attacks (bagoo.php, right Niek?). We have been offered money to hand over the site (ask torrentfreak about TargetPoint). We have been mocking MediaDefender and we have received press coverage by various newspapers and television stations around the globe. Although we have always preferred to stay under the radar, this was not meant to stop us from growing or seeking new methods to create more attractive features for our visitors.

From now on we are going to take a more aggressive approach when it comes to promoting our site. Therefor we need the help of as many of you guys out there as possible. Our main goal now is to build a propaganda machine, one that has never been seen before. We need your help to spread the word on blogs, myspace, facebook, digg, real life, anywhere!

We hope you like the new layout, it should reflect our new goals and attitude towards the world. Spread the word about Seedpeer to your friends at school/collage/work/etc. Let's be 1 big army!

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James 9 years ago

Looks frickin awesome, I'm down with seedpeer any time! Ill fricking digg, write, hell I'll even spam for you! Thanks for the great site guys! It looks very good!

delboy53 9 years ago

Great new look, and very user friendly.

grip 9 years ago

Seedpeer is and will always be #1.

Omegaman 9 years ago

So theres another torrent site other than SeedPeer? Why? SeedPeer Rocks!

bigjohn41 9 years ago

nice one looks great

tammy66 9 years ago

you guys rock,i never goe anywhere but here,you guys are the best ever,stick to your guns,love the site

serdon 9 years ago

I could spread my semen ,if needed for you!

jambo 9 years ago

fucking cool

Adolf 9 years ago

keep up the good work and will spread the word.

craftyartist 9 years ago

You guys are the only site I use and the only site I ever recomend so thanks for stepping up.You guys rock!!!!

[X] 9 years ago

Keep on the good work guys, ur doing great so far. Thanks for all the time and effort.

Peterwing 9 years ago

Nice one keep on postin!

nicklfire 9 years ago

i always used different torrent sites until i found this one, now i never even see other torrent sites, this is the only one i use...

why go somewhere else and download fakes, when they are verified here... EXCELLENT feature... keeps me here

5150pineapple 9 years ago

I've used seedpeer for a very long time, it's nice to see all the changes that have been made along the way. you guys are great, very much appreciate everything...

Dante-007 9 years ago

Hey Gr8 Work Looks Really Rockin..
Hey Guys Gr8 Job

Wombat 9 years ago

Looking good Mate,keep Growing, great job guys

Maxx 9 years ago

Just a borat word for the website new look:



MarcT. 9 years ago

G'Day from down under great change to your website keep up the good work

torrent hunter 9 years ago

Well I don't mean to be a party-pooper but this is just a suggestion:

Instead of trying to recruit more random strangers into SeedPeer's community, why not take care of problems at home first?

Seek out and ban the fake torrent uploaders, get a bigger administration crew to verify real torrents faster and more frequently. Once we kill off the fake torrent uploaders, we can then progress on building a larger community.

Slow and steady wins the race, a small but lasting community keeps the bandwagon going, but a large and unsatisfied community will quickly die out.

delboy53 9 years ago

@ Torrent Hunter-- Nice trick if u can pull it off without killng the site or going into a exclusive mode.

ErickG' 9 years ago

Man thats awesome keep up the cool stuff its much appreciated seedpeer trust

duplac 9 years ago

nice logo, good work, thx :)

pricey 9 years ago

SeedPeer is THE best - no-one else comes close. Keep on rockin' guys!

RoccoP2000 9 years ago

I like the new look. Keep up the aggressive battle. I do have a question. How often is the tracker info updated? The amounts for my seeders/leechers never seems correct. Is their a way I can update manually?

istvan 9 years ago

good job!nice logo

dashuror 9 years ago

keep up the good work im spreading the news, have told all my mates to use seedpeer its the best well done guy's

LeX 9 years ago

You are the BEEEEESSTT!!!!!!!!!
thanks for your job!

satan 9 years ago

yeah cool make a t-shirt with teh new logo and i'll buy one to support mah peers...

Philipdj 9 years ago

Just started using it, I will let you know what I think about it in the near future.:)

Borat 9 years ago

Very niiiiice!!!!

Alekz 9 years ago

I like the new attitude guys!!!! Hey how about some free merchandise like T-Shirts with a big SEEDPEER.COM logo, i'll ware it everywhere.

ThunderBolt 9 years ago

top site always has been and always well run,,,i,m in for the ride

aaamessage 9 years ago

the business!!!!!!

profisax 9 years ago

Lepo, jako lepo (nice, very nice)

Audinut 9 years ago

Site looks great,just dont like the idea of you wawnting so much info for a password,sorry guys,no good to me,I,m paranoid enough,without you wanting to know the colour of my bollocks,or am i just unlucky at getting passworded torrents???

Alex_Pyrex 9 years ago

Seedpeer rocks like hell guys,good work keep it up.
It`s high time to show the Net World the SeedPeer attitude : Always go forward, Never give up and the reward will be yours.

Kill and Ban fake torrents,
Put a News section about movies,softwares,fashion,etc...,
Try to bring new fresh lay outs more often.

A satisfying community will ensure your success.

tol666 9 years ago

seed and peers is the best and this is verry heavy ceep up the good works and keep it treu

ohdare 9 years ago

very good site usually excellant works

MyGoldens 9 years ago

just registered sounds interesting so need time to try it out*smile*

shillingman 9 years ago

If all torrents are checked before enabling download how come Hancok files here are mostly fake or say need special player that does not exist??

ohdare 9 years ago

seedpeer excellant downloads glad when u rid site of fake and passwords

Sqidge 9 years ago

Two P.R. angles, that could justifiably be spread, and are the major reasons I use this excellent site.

When evaluating new software, the free trial is almost always crippled in some way. Soooo many times I have 'evaluated', purchased on the basis of the software appearing to do what I wanted, only to eventually find that the stuff did NOT do it. It was broken at some important but hard to trip over point. This too, too many times (

Sqidge 9 years ago

(2) Now I grab software from SeedPeer (thank you, Marcus) and put it to work, uncrippled. And usually within about 2 -3 months one finds the fatal flaw, and out it goes - no money lost.

Currently I'm trying to find a backup solution on Mac that doesn't require 10.5/Leopard on every machine, and have wound up in spirited discussion with a developer over this approach.

Sqidge 9 years ago

(4) OK. I get it, finally.

This is not the place for a developed arguement.

dude 9 years ago

SeedPeer is THE best - no-one else comes close. Keep on rockin' guys

Vericap13 9 years ago

I like the new logo, it looks Royal to me. Smile!!!! Royal as in, ON THE TOP OF ALL torrents site. I have been to some sites like this but SEEDPEER is, shall I say user-friendly. Very easy to use. The only flaw I think is, there are lots of I consider BAD downloads, like fakes, password protected, RAR files that has passwords or let you register into an XXX site, and others without images, just colored lines. Well, now I know what to do to avoid downloading those BAD ones. But anyway, I have recomended this site to my friends. Keep up the good work Guys, and thanks.

Xhorxh arsenalisti 9 years ago

i don't know anything about torrents but so far sounds like the real thing. Hats up!

theman 9 years ago

the best backup 4 a mac is to get a true windows

Sqidge 8 years ago

being nines months ago i said i need mac stuff not not .i know macs suck i throw it at the trash can

theeman_2009 8 years ago

Seedpeer rocks like hell guys,good work keep it up.
It`s high time to show the Net World the SeedPeer attitude : Always go forward, Never give up and the reward will be yours.

Kill and Ban fake torrents,
Put a News section about movies,softwares,fashion,etc...,
Try to bring new fresh lay outs more often.

A satisfying community will ensure your success

theeman_2009 8 years ago

good job guys keep livin life well and u shell have happyness.

macs suck lol 8 years ago

macs do suck but its cpu so that is y

bog113 8 years ago

What a bunch of idiots,kissing seedpeer butt! Go fuck yourselves and this site sucks.

garmisch 7 years ago

i have downloaded 4 movies

theeman2009 6 years ago

i beat windows 7 chess game and lol at it for 100 years lol

bog113 4 years ago

i know now this site is best of all sites in the world and i love eating dog poop man i love it so much i masturbate with it on my penis