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Fighting fake and passworded files, the battle continuous...

Posted by Markus | 9 years ago on Monday 30 June 2008 16:17:24 to be more exact
We got a lot of angry emails from our loyal members these past days. It appears that a lot of fake files are being uploaded. We want you to know that we are in a constant battle and that we are continuously investing in new systems to detect and delete fake files. We already have a sophisticated system that is able to auto detect fake files (algorithms yummy...). However it's clear that this by itself is not enough and so we have added a second layer of administrative tools to our backend. This will surely reduce the number of bad files dramatically.

Additionally, we have also deleted 200.000 torrents that were dead/to small/suspicious etc. Meanwhile please keep commenting and reporting torrents, this is essential to the entire process. Maybe we cant get all of those bad files but if we all cooperate we can surely get at least 95%.

I also want to ask other bittorrent admins to open their fake hash database so we can all eliminate these bogus files and put an end to this crap. Our database is open upon request, feel free to send us an email, we'll send you the link.

Finally I want everybody to know that we are not the only site with this problem, we are working very hard to provide you guys and girls with the best possible experience.

Keep Sharing,


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Jonny 9 years ago

I love Seedpeer, thanks for taking care of us. I like your idea of sharing fake hashes with other admins, though I doubt those assholes are willing to cooperate.

John 9 years ago

Keep it up.

Stsbware 9 years ago

It seems the last couple of files (get Smart and Wille) have both had a six second show stating you needed to download a Dom-x decoder the files where obviously a fake.

Nate74 9 years ago

Well done....

I've noticed a lot of fakes are using the serverbeer tracker; whether or not this is helpfull....

I'll still comment...

Yes there has been a huge increase in fakes lately..

Keep up the good/hard work

Markus 9 years ago

Thanks nate, thats the kind of info we need!

ohdare 9 years ago

this great work i will help in anyway poss

alv 9 years ago

nice one guys. Great to hear that someone's gonna try and do something about all this tripe thats going around.... :-)

mr studly 9 years ago

good site

stasisgoud 9 years ago

Remarkable attempt...good success.

mr.bea 9 years ago

yep thanks heaps Nat. the month of May I got 6 great downloads

Mortika666 9 years ago

Thanx for everything Markus
This is one of the best in my ap.
But i will like to know what I/we can do to

Thx for everything

raymarlyn 9 years ago

keep on clearing the rubbish well done so far

alleyezonjay 9 years ago

thanks for the hard work! i will still report the b.s. files

addy_sidd 9 years ago

Huh!Cool man thats an very good step to prevent the fake file.But thats not enough cause people how download the file dosn't comment on the file and some people SEED those fake shits like ASS HOLES I don't understand y people SEED a crap file.I always comment on ma download.So its ma request to all don't just download like an DUMB BLIND n HANDICAP ASS comment on wat ever FUCK u people download.

uhuhuhuuhhu 9 years ago

goooood site

mbasit 9 years ago

cool This website is of the hook man i mean when it comes for torrents seedpeer is da best you can find just torrents on other web sites but if u are looking for the best torrents you have to come to seedpeer

aqib 9 years ago

one thing be aware of the KVcd it is always password protected

delboy53 9 years ago

@addy-sidd-(FAKE TORRENTS) I would not believe the seed/peer figures as they tend to be loaded on one tracker, that is specialy generated for these fake files. Check "files/trackers" and see how evenly the seed/peer# are spread if they are loaded on one tracker that is good indicator of a dodgy torrent. Make a list of those trackers,and keep them for further ref.

ur readin this 9 years ago

if ur readin this that means ur readin this hehehe .good site

Zero-K 9 years ago

I love the work that you guys have been doing the site to help everyone!
One thing that might help is to easily identify what torrent's you've downloaded. I know personally I close the windows after I download the torrents, then if I find they're fake, I have to go attempt to find which ones I've downloaded so I can report them.

Markus 9 years ago

Thats why we have the bookmark function, check it next to the tabs

hatout 9 years ago

I love seedpeer,
I hate the fake

Newbie 9 years ago

Hancock 2008 R5 XViD-nDn Movies

All asking for you to go to a site for a password to unlock the Rar file

This one starts then shows a Incompatible Media Player error message that funny enough is in video format.. not a real windows media error message and asks you to go to:

Hoe I've posted this in the right place.

James 9 years ago

No you havent! Frickin noobs!

mike 9 years ago

the best site

mark 9 years ago

if you got virgin media you cant download music no more from the internet

peerseed 9 years ago

May I also recommend that when ever you're capturing a film on camera, never switch to auto focus. Put it on manual focusing, I have seen a lot of movie captured by camera switch to auto focus and almost 50% of it has a blurred picture the camera is always keep on adjusting, especially on action movies.

omri 9 years ago

just remove none valid axxo torrents.

good stuff 9 years ago


some dude 9 years ago

i love me make love to it. no just kiddin hehehe. good site

TheWinner 9 years ago

Saw a comment that denis.stalker and sextorrent trackers are fake. Got a couple that were. Maybe they should be warned or banned?

Sick of this 9 years ago

looking through the site, and d/l ing a lot of stuff myself. every movie on the site is fake. i know it's not just seedpeer, it is every torrent site on the internet. EVERY site, and not a decent torrent anywhere, what is the point of all these fake torrents? do people actually fall for the credit card for password shit?
i guess its impossible to d/l anything anymore, FUCK YOU to every asian fraudulent faggot for taking over with these fake torrents. i hope your families die in a fire.

and also more horrific forms of death wished upon them.

anyone got any ideas of how to find something, anything worth actually downloading?

Leah 9 years ago

Yeah, sextorrent is always fake! yeah, please enter comments people - I always try to do so - fakes and passwords really piss me off! such petty children

Thanks Markus - Seedpeer is still the best! - you should be proud :)

HH 9 years ago

if you can develop a tag on torrents so we can get back in and id the bad ones to the site-now its too hard to find the same without pulling them up and checking the hash-thanks for your service

stef434 9 years ago

your having a laugh
still some torrents --hancock-get smart etc etc require you to go to a survry sute to obtain password--guess what no password at the end......BELOW IS NOW BECOMING A COMMON THING WHEN YOU UNZIP FILES

To obtain your password for this release, please go to:

We do this to keep the scene going by using the server to filter certain ip ranges :)

liverpool 100 9 years ago

lo stef434 i have just downloaded hancock -
kung fu panda and mamma mia and all three wants a password i went onto the site that you put on the bottom of yor page but i do not know were to go from there can you HELP me please


some dude 9 years ago

fakes suck!

HarroldP 9 years ago

The New concept looks very positive, however I am having trouble accessing the site at various times. When i try to access it via a browser or SeedPeer's own torrent searcher software, I get redirected to google. Anybody else have this problem?

The Shadow 9 years ago

Damn, just got faked....

Thanks for the hard work Markus...we all appreciate you and your teams efforts


wythen 9 years ago

Wanted to know, should we be at all worried if we download a fake file? Do any of these files carry more malicious software inside them, or collect any information from your computer or any some such similar bastardry?

I think I have only been faked once, I was asked for a password and I guessed it, and got it right. What exactly does it mean to "filter certain ip ranges"?

I tend to use to download, because they give a choice of sites, which is how I stumbled upon But they seem to do quite well at keeping out the fakes somehow.

Jessica 9 years ago

This is terrible, downloaded a couple of movies and all I got is the infamous "" it's unfair :( I've been downloading it for days!

quadrupler 9 years ago

Your best bet to avoid fakes is to find releases that have sample files (i.e. "sample.avi"). In my experience, this always guarantees an actual release. It also adds the benefit of previewing what you're downloading.

Yes, samples make for happy pirates.

ay1 9 years ago

yea man da same thing happened wid meh!!........i downloaded the dark knight 2008 dvd scr Xvid-UNIVERSAL n it shows me da damn thing!! n ol dt crap.. do hv der passwords ??? so wt do v do 2 gt da passwords ???duz ny1 noe it'z password ??

ak 9 years ago

got same on dark knight; it had a nice sample, so that's no promise of anything; lots of big files, are they all crap? are their password crackers for rar that work?

dnick 9 years ago

'continue' works for a few - got to get a rar password cracker

Art Kick Love 9 years ago

Well.. continue worked for Dark Knight! for the 100host whatever crap.. :)) Thanks, dnick.

nofear 9 years ago

Password =

Goods 9 years ago

Bloody hoax. Listening to the advice of many sages above is the best thing to do.

Sasha 9 years ago

in the end its all bullshit, some a-holes need some fund and our disk space, iam realy tired..can tell you guys.

just stay in touch, for updates and news.


TheMonck 9 years ago

Transporter 3 2008 DVD SCR XviD-ARROW is a fake

ravi 9 years ago didn't work for me any body having any other passwords ?

Lecto 9 years ago

Yep, I always download vidz from AXXO because of its quality and reliance, but now seems that these assholes are using AXXO´s popularity to upload their crappy movies. Someone could hack these websites and kick them off the web... just a thought.
Isn´t there any app that scans password protected torrents before downloading, so people wouldn´t waste precious broadband connection downloading and seeding these fake files?
Cheers from Sao Paulo/Brazil!

bigshotpete 9 years ago

hi to all, and sorry if this is the wrong place to moan bout fake files but,new to the site and dont know too much - newbie as such. First off, fantastic d/load speed. Q1. I've downloaded Twilight and Four Christmases, and tried to watch in Window media player. they are wmv files, up pops a window sayiny "Media Usage Rights" and need a codec to play. Accepted the d/load and got a virus - BV:AutoRun-E (Wrm). So do you recommend a codec for these or should I use another prog to view.
Q2.I ahve downloaded from aXXo and FXG before and know the quality of their work to be first class but never have I had to use other codecs. Is this peculiar to these films or are they fake?
Pete fae Scotland

tony 9 years ago

Thanks for your help.
Good work

Vericap13 9 years ago

To Sick of This, try this link
every torrent is VERIFIED, avoid those UN verified and adult torrents. Those Crap still get into aXXo's private account. I can tell you, you will changed your mind in saying that "EVERY site, and not a decent torrent anywhere, what is the point of all these fake torrents?" That's what SEEDPEER is trying to fight, those BAD uploaders. Hope you will find movies you like in that link I have given you.

I feel sad to know others get angry because of this BAD torrents. I myself was in your situation before but I find ways to avoid them, and just leave a comment what I think of those torrents. I just hope SEEDPEER checks on the comments to know which torrents sucks and has to be deleted from the site. Thank you Guys for a good and hard job.

theman2009 9 years ago

yeah i agree read the good and not the bad

Alex 8 years ago

I use to find rar passwords for my downloaded files.

Rosa 8 years ago

Hi there, new to the site, when I tried downloading dead of winter, it came up with an error saying wrong passkey? Does anyone know what this means and how to recitify it?

Thanks in advance fore any help.


theman2009 6 years ago

every time i fart my dog crys like a donkey